1.  Animals Can and Do Reincarnate:

    A lady came to me regarding her horse.  Apparently, her horse had knocked another woman over and injured her.  The stables wanted the lady to put her
    horse down.  I conducted a BodyTalk session on the horse to release any emotional issues that might be causing the “bad” behavior then I communicated
    with the horse.  I was surprised to learn the horse had been a dog in a previous life.  The lady confirmed the horse did act like a dog.  She asked what kind of
    dog.  It wasn't a small dog but a medium-sized dog.  She asked if it was a Dalmatian.  I asked the horse and he confirmed Dalmatian.  The lady gasped and
    said she would email a picture of her horse.
Lessons I Have Learned
From Animals
By Kathi Sherburne, Animal Intuitive
I explained to the horse that he had chosen a horse’s body to be with this lady
and he must behave like a horse or he would hurt people and make them
afraid of him.  I asked him if he would be able to behave regally, approach
people with respect and allow them to respond without charging them or
nudging them and knocking them over.

He indicated he could and would.

The lady was thrilled be able to keep her beloved horse and he was thrilled
they had an understanding.  The stables personnel were amazed at the
change in the horse that they had considered a danger to people.
2. Animals Have Minds of Their Own:  

    A man called me regarding his dog’s itching and scratching.  I conducted a BodyTalk session on the dog and released emotional issues in the body.  I
    didn't find parasites, allergies or anything in the session that might relate to the relentless itching and scratching.  Then the man told me about a flea
    infestation a month earlier where a pest-control man came in to “bomb” the house.  The man was sure the fleas were gone but the dog kept scratching.  I
    explained to the dog that the fleas were no longer there and asked her if she believed me.  I was surprised when she said, “No!”  I told her several times
    there were no fleas but she refused to believe me.  I explained that if she continued to scratch, the man who loved her so much was going to bring the
    exterminator in to bomb the house again.  The dog definitely did not want the fumes again because they bothered her sensitive nose.  I asked again if
    she believed me that the fleas were gone.  This time she responded, “Yes” and stopped the itching and scratching.

3. Animals Have A Sense of Humor:

    A month later, the man with the itchy/scratchy dog called and asked me if I said anything to the dog to make her mad at him.  I assured him that nothing I
    would communicate would make her mad at him.  He told me that she used to come when he called her and sit on the couch with him but now she would
    ignore him, walk several steps away, sit down with her back to him and look over her shoulder at him.  She would not come to him no matter how many
    times he called her.  Since her body did not need a BodyTalk session (it was processing healing from the last session) I communicated with her.  I
    learned that she was playing a joke on him.  There was a lot of tension in the house since a relative had come to live with them and she was trying to
    lighten the mood.  I explained to her that her joke was having the opposite effect and making the man upset.  She refused to stop unless the man
    acknowledged her joke.  I told the man the next time she played her joke on him, instead of getting upset he must go to her, pet her and laugh or smile
    and thank her for trying to lighten the mood in the house.  After his acknowledgement, the dog stopped playing her joke and started coming to him when

4. Animals Have Valid Issues:  

    A lady contacted me who had recently adopted a beautiful cat that had litterbox problems and was not bonding with her husband.  The cat would poop
    once, run out of the box and finish pooping by leaving a trail in the house.  The woman was very upset and felt the cat was doing it on purpose because
    he was mad at her.  Yet, she scooped faithfully and purchased the biggest litterbox she could find. She was frustrated and angry and considering
    returning him to the Animal Shelter.  I conducted a BodyTalk session on the cat and released some “Phobias”.  I learned when communicating with him
    that he had previously been kept in a small cage with a small litterbox and it was not kept clean and he had to step in his excrement.  He had developed
    a phobia about having excrement on his feet.  I explained to him that this woman loved him very much.  I asked him if he would be able to dig in one
    corner of the litterbox, turn around and go so it would roll downhill into the corner and he could cover it, if he still had to go there were four corners to
    work with and if he still had to go, he could stick his head out of the litterbox cover, go in the middle, turn around and cover it and then he could leave the
    litterbox.  The woman was happy to report two corners used the next morning and none in the house.  After explaining the reason the cat did not like men
    to the lady and her husband I also explained to the cat that this man loved him and would never treat him the way the previous man treated him.   I asked
    the cat to give the man a chance and to start by sitting by his feet and working his way up to sitting with him.  The lady was happy to report that they were
    bonding and the cat had not had any more “accidents”.

Animals have minds, brains and issues.  They deserve to be pain-free, healthy-as-can-be and happy and treated as loving, conscious and
contributing souls.  I consider it an honor to work with the animals for they have so many lessons to teach.

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