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Crystals are tools for intensifying whatever you are seeking to do, if it is in line with the Divine Plan.  They are used for working with the higher aspects.  Crystals
have a particular lattice formation that holds the energy in a specific pattern.  When you program your crystal it can hold the programming and be made to do a
specific task for you and your clients.

The Atlantean civilization used crystals to run the society via the energy they created.  We haven't quite figured all that out today; however, we do use them for radio

Janet McClure the author wrote in Prelude to Ascension that crystals are a very high form of life and they have much to give us, and they receive from us too.  
Crystals bring about a more focused application of the higher energies.


Each person has certain crystals that they are attuned to and can work easily with.  When you buy a crystal hold it in your left hand and attune to it.  Now in your
altered state try to become a part of it.  Let your inner knowledge relate to the crystal.  If you can connect to its energy either with a verbal connection or a warmth
and vibration in your hand it is responding to your connection.  If you don't get a connection, that particular crystal is not for you.



    So now you have a crystal that feels almost like an extension of you.  When you hold it in your left hand, you are receiving from it and attuning to it.  Now you
    switch it to your right hand and put your energies into it.

    Cup your left hand under your right as you hold the crystal in your right hand.  At first you may be unable to accomplish a full change immediately, but after
    working with it for a while, you will do it instantly.

    Charging is an act of the will aspect of the Source.  Will the crystal to become divinely charged with the Christed Energies for the purposes of healing.  

    Hold the crystal in your right hand with your left hand cupped under it and focus your attention on your crystal.  With the following statement you can charge
    the crystal.  Do this in a state of meditation by visualizing the white light energies of the Christ with love and sending them into the crystal with the divine will.

    We call upon the energies as embodied by the Christ and we ask that these energies become a part of this crystal.  We charge it with
    love in the name of the Christ, now.

    Now your crystal is charged and will remain charged for about 3 weeks.  Unless you use it for healing work, then it will need to be recharged after each healing
    session.  As you become more proficient in their use, you can charge your crystals so they will hold a charge longer.   

    After changing your crystal you might experience a sense of immersion in the crystal, seeing the structure, the inner parts of it.  You are beginning to
    exchange consciousness with the crystal.


    Use the same steps above and add the specific task you would like your crystal to assist you with such as third eye activation, DNA activation, specific block
    removal for particular chakras.


Now that you have programmed your crystal you keep it for your work and you alone will touch the energies allowing it to stay in encoded with your programming.

If you use let other touch the crystal in your work, then redistribute your energies into it after they have used it.  Keep it in a closed space when you are not handling


All healing is done from within self by changing ones own belief structure.

Crystal healing is a
bridge to assist the client so they can release their pain or trauma themselves.  You might use your intuition to guide and focus the energies to
clear the clients root issues.  Direct the energy to heal at the core of the matrix of the soul.

Where does Karma come in to healing the issues or illness?

Karma is merely an effect of a cause that you have set up in a previous experience.  If you know the areas that do not respond to life as you would like them to, you
can see these causes and remove them from the subconscious.  

Say, "All right, I recognize that this area in my life is not flowing well and I accept the responsibility for creating my life, and I choose consciously to
make a change now."  

Nowhere does it say that because you created a situation (karma) you have to keep it.  It can be changed according to free will.  

Finally, karma was created by us before we began the earth game program to assist us in structured growth.  The time for unhooking from karma is now.  Learn how
to unhook from karma with my article
The Ascension Process,


    Joint injury example

    Place a towel or covering on the joint area and put the crystal on top of it.  Holding the hands of the client, bring down the Christ light and focus your attention
    on the crystal.  You will feel some warmth.  You can heal yourself in this way as well.

    If you can't put the crystal on the body because the area needing healing is in an inconvenient place, then hold the crystal in your right hand and place that
    hand on the area needing healing.  Then hold the client's left hand in yours.  You and the crystal are one, and when you hold the client's hand, they become
    part of the circuit.  Begin this healing process with a prayer, and afterward thank the Source for the assistance.

    Healing with three people

    Along with another healer, you can make a triangle configuration, with the person to be healed at one point of the triangle, and the two of you using your
    crystals, circulating the energy through the triangle.

    Calling on Santa Kumara or the Source Energy

    The christed light is generally the most appropriate to use in healing but if someone is very ill and has asked for help you can call upon Sanat
    Kumara and the Source and charge the crystal with their energies.  You can do this if you accept that you can and if you can run those high energies through
    your own body.  I would try it a little bit and see how it works; if it is too strong, you can go back to the christed light.  You can also use the crystal to attune
    more easily to your teachers.

    Healing Tips

    If you are healing someone who has a lot of blocks and their aura needs clearing, use the crystal in your right hand and smooth the aura with both hands.  
    Visualize, along with your client, the Clearing Exercise with the Merkaba.   This will provide the client with a complete clearing of their energy field.  Then you
    can continue to use the Crystal healing techniques already discussed.


After using the crystal for healing it needs to be recharged because you are amplifying your own inner healing abilities with the crystal, amplifying the energy
pattern.  Your crystal holds a change for about 3 weeks if you are not using it.


In a state of meditation place your crystal on the third-eye area.  You might receive images.  In the meditative state ask your question.  What you are
asking for is understanding from the higher aspect of self.  You are focusing on your question through your crystal asking with intensity and love.  This
higher self is the
christed part of you.  You will feel heat in connection with it; once you do, then intensify the feeling of love and wait.

If you do this with dedication and ask for divine guidance, the crystal focuses the divine love and guidance back to you, and it will aid you.

You can pick the color of the crystal and or use visualization of the color to assist you in healing a particular issue.

    Violet Color   -   Spiritual Healing

    Soft Pink Color -  Love

    Green Color  -  Renewing Energy and Emotional issues

    Yellow Color  -  Lifts the Emotions, Cheerful                       

    Gold Color  -  More intense that Yellow Color, it is a "crowing" of yellow, a higher aspect

    Indigo Color  -  Comes from depth and intensity.  If someone is quite developed in the mental body, the indigo awakens those higher aspects that are
    latent in them.  If they are ready to awaken to the higher aspects, this will intensity them.


    Emeralds help the central nervous system

    Rubies are on the Ray One energy and have to be used carefully when vital forces are depleted, such as when a person has had a heart attack or suffered a
    major trauma.

    Lapis lazuli is a composite stone having three components and its intensity can aid you to clarify certain aspects of the mental.

    Use the Metaphysical Crystal and Stones Directory to get some more tips on which stone to use for a specific healing Metaphysical Stone & Crystal


Begin by becoming as relaxed as possible.  The arms can be crossed if you are holding your crystal.  Take a few deep breaths.

The room is now being flooded with the white light of the Christ.  See it and feel the intensity of it.  And now in our midst comes a beautiful robed figure, and they are
here with love.  See it and feel it now.  Your crystal is intensifying with the application of love.  Feel it with intensity.

And now before us is a whole rainbow of colors is present.  The energy of the Source is here represented by all of these energies.  And it is full of love, full of joy.  
See it, feel it.  And it too begins to change your crystal, it becomes more powerfully charged now.  Keep the love very strong within you, knowing that this aids a
productive charge.  This charge will be very beneficial.  Much love....the love of the Creator, the highest love aspect, is here now, very intense.  The rainbow literally
explodes in front of us, all of the colors going everywhere.  Much energy is present, also flowing into your crystal as it becomes more and more charged now.  Feel
the intensity, become a part of it.  Merge with the crystal for your higher purposes and feel it now.

Now we bring in the higher love aspect.   Visualize it as a special pink crystal that literally surrounds us.  Feel the love as it streams into every fiber of your being.  
Feel it now, the love of the Creator.  Is it not joyful to be a part of this love?  Feel it as it permeates your crystal.  It is being programmed with love.  Love will aid you
in your crystal work with others so feel it, and permeate yourself with this love.  We are a unit of love.

Send it out now to the world, the love of the Creator, the Source.  Use it - there is plenty left.  Use it to aid the planet.  Do it with your will, my friends, and do it now.  
Do it with intensity.

When you work with the crystal, remember love,  The crystal can represent love to you.  Use it this way with love and you will do much good.
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