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The word deva is from the Sanskrit language, meaning "a being of brilliant light" and is used to indicate a non-physical being.

A Deva refers to any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature. According to Theosophists like Leadbeater and Alice A. Bailey, Devas represent a separate
evolution to that of humanity. The concept of Devas as nature-spirits derives from the writings of the Theosophist Geoffrey Hodson

In the Findhorn material, the term refers to archetypal spiritual intelligences behind species, in other words the group soul of a species. But elsewhere the term is
used to designate any elemental or nature spirit, the equivalent of fairies.

Consciousness of the devas is directed to expansion.   Devas are always conscious of their cosmic environment, and want to become ever more conscious of that
what they encompass. Devas have an instinctive knowledge of cosmic patterns, relationships, and harmonies  therefore they do not have to acquire knowledge.  
They exist in the form of energy in the astral realm and they are like fluid open vortexes of cosmic consciousness.   People can often perceive them intuitively as the
flowing essence of vortexes of energies.  However, we may often perceive a physical shape as our consciousness filters the energy into something we can relate to.

Devas have memory and learn from past experiences and are conscious of the archetypes of the field in which they work. They react to and improve their work
according to the physical influences on the life forms with which they work.  As nature spirits, Devas are here to work with us and want to develop a relationship of  
mutual benefit.   Devas have focused consciousness and action that can assist us to accomplish goals and projects in our lives.

Devas do not need to be classified to work with them, just call on the Deva who can assist you with the particular task or goal at hand and a Deva will show up to
help you accomplish your work.  


The real fairy is related to the elves, but she is more interested in humans and animals, and has a strong magical persona. Fairies can act as protectors or guides
for people involved in magic.

ELEMENTALS - Nature Spirits

I have always seen Elementals in trees, even as a child.  I would look up and see the energy of the Elemental and feel their beautiful loving spirit.  They are here to
work with us and they love to connect with us.

We actually have Elementals within our etheric body.   I remember going for a reading a few years ago and was told that I had Devas all around my hair.  I always
thought it was funny that I never wanted to cut my hair but from time to time I would cut it and I would feel an inexplainable loss of power or personal energy.  Who
would have thought.......!

Specific Elementals are responsible for the well-being of your body.  They transform the energies from nature and from our higher bodies to make them suitable for
the etheric, and therefore the physical body, in this way keeping the energy levels up for every cell and organ in the body. This helps your body to function properly
in the physical realm in your everyday life so that you may fulfill a greater life purpose in the outer world.

The Elemental is instrumental in aiding in any self-healing process and it knows the blueprint of your atomic/molecular structure right down to the DNA/RNA cellular
level.   The Elemental can assist your in releasing trauma and memories stored held in the body.  They are able to retrieve the information and release the 'know-
how' of how to best facilitate self healing or healing for others.

You can connect with Elementals through meditation or in a healing session.   Elementals will help in the healing process and in keeping the body healthy and much
more.  As with all elementals or nature spirits an attitude of loving respect is needed by you.  

Elementals support the body from the ground upwards, solidly grounding the body connecting up the spine up to the head.

Group Elementals

Are attracted to a group at its formation and continuous existence depends strongly on the emotions in the group.  The group elemental also influences the
members of the group with a connection to the Christ Grid of Universal Consciousness, making a close connection between all the members.  This Group Elemental
influence and bring people who are of like mind to the group to assist with the goals of the group in a positive outcome.    Groups can be towns, countries,
organizations, company's, etc.

SIDHE (Tuatha De Danann)

The Thuata Da Danann are a race of beings who were once primarily known in Ireland but now known in many countries around the world.  They move from one
place to another and take great interest in man. During the night they are often seen traveling in spheres of light.  You might have seen these orbs of light in photos,
sometimes accompanied by beautiful music.  Sidhe have been seen going through stone walls or into a hill side.  They also have been known to directly affect  the
magnetic currents of the earth having a close relationship with nature and atmospheric phenomenal .  The Sidhe also have to power to look into the future with great

The Sidhe have a reputation for teasing people, making jokes and disguising themselves.

Long ago the Sidhe were a people very much like ourselves, living a life similar to humans. Their origin is unknown, but they are considered to be a non-human race
of intelligent beings with great knowledge, and not quite physical, although many people have seen them.  Now primarily middle-earth dwellers.  Sidhe's are smaller
than humans and have blond or golden hair are often described as tall, beautiful beings who have eternal youth but can appear to humans as any form they want.

In Ireland, the Sidhe fled to the depths of the earth, into caves and other underground places to avoid conflicts with humans. Their dwelling places are also often
under lakes.   Middle Earth where they reside is a place of harmony and beauty.

The Sidhe and humans have always interacted for they hold the knowledge and wisdom of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis and how to ascend.  They are higher
vibrational beings.  Some Sidhe and humans form unions producing children who go out into the world making positive changes.  Third dimensional linear time is
not  experienced in the Sidhe world.  When entering the world of Sidhe, one undergoes a kind of bodily transformation that changes one's physical nature into the
nature of the Sidhe. Some people say that the Sidhe themselves transmute the physical body of humans into a body like their own.

People who have been in the realm of the Sidhe have had difficulty in getting accustomed again to their ordinary lives because they have undergone a deep and
profound inner change.   


These beings, usually called angels, archangels and so on, are creative intelligences building our world. They know how to manipulate ethereal substances into
ever more crystallized forms of which the end result is physical matter. They build vehicles for every life form.

They act from and are strictly connected with Divine Will and are very powerful in what they do. Their form changes as they move around, and changes over time.
They live in a state of immediate knowledge and are a source of happiness and exaltation. They live fully in the moment  completely connected with and in unity with
the flowing energy of the field they are working in.

They can create sounds in the ethereal worlds that have a positive effect on humans and their environment. They work with sounds, mantras, and movements to
create energy patterns.  Devas also encompass more abstract ideas or concepts like power, healing, music, peace, education.

   The paradox in seeking contact with what you consider a lower life form is that you
                                  in fact contact a more universal being.

The mind of man codifies and formulates, which is within its right and purpose, but forgets that all is one, that God is in all, and that basic substance, seemingly most
void of sensitive consciousness, is held in its state of existence by its opposite, a vast consciousness, too vast for you to do more than sense its fringes and know
that it extends beyond your present imagination. You realize too that dense matter is influenced in its make-up by stellar energies.


Connecting with Devas is now a simple matter and as easy as opening your mind to communicate in meditation or just in tuning in to their energy.

The Devas can work on our energetic bodies to "rewire our system" to for higher frequency energy flow in communication.  Communication can be in the form of  
pictures, words and additionally an interfacing of energies between the two kingdoms, devic and human.

The frequency of our subtle bodies will be automatically made compatible with the frequencies of the Devic Beings who communicate with us.  The Devas are
mentors and their innocence, guilelessness, and loving, supportive nature makes them among our best friends.  


Back at the time of Atlantis, the devas and humanity were like a marriage with humanity being the masculine polarity and the devas being the feminine polarity.

Humanities relationship with the Devas is told historically in the story of
Aladdin and the Genie.   Representing the human element is Aladdin, and the Genie
represents the devic forces who "wait for our command."

The Ancient Wisdom teachings state that during the time of Atlantis humanity misused the devic/nature forces to gratify personal and ego desires. Humanity even
went to the extent of using the devas for the purposes of war. The Hindu text of the Ramayana tells of beings who used devas and the forces of nature as weapons.
This kind of "warfare" was in part responsible for the sinking of the continent of Atlantis. At that time, the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet intervened and separated
the devic and human kingdoms so that this would not happen again.

So since the sinking of Atlantis, humanity has been operating with only half of its true nature. The devic counterpart (while there on an unconscious level) was not
available to humanity at large. Only certain people, usually esteemed as the shamans, witches, medicine men, alchemists, or magicians of a group, retained the
knowledge of how to work with the devic realms--the unseen builders behind all manifested form.


About 30 years ago, the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet shifted the energy  to allow the devic and human kingdoms to come into conscious relationship once again,
only this time the devic forces would not be allowed to be enslaved as before. The devas now had a degree of autonomy and choice that they did not possess at the
time of Atlantis. So the door was opened in 1975 for a new relationship with the other part of ourselves, collectively. This relationship would not be one of domination
and control as before, but one of co-creativity, and cooperation as we learned to work together as equal partners.

The Devas, along with humanity, are assisting Mother Earth in her ascension process to another level of consciousness.  This is being done by connecting with the
Christ Consciousness Grid, the major world centers, and with each other. This networking appears to assist the devas to perform their tasks with greater efficiency.

The devas are receptive, and passive and wait for instruction as they are the feminine aspect.  Humanity being the masculine aspect is responsible for providing the
thought forms, or blue prints which the devas embody.

According to Djwhal Khul in "A Treatise on White Magic," there are steps to materialization--and everything which is now in form has been "materialized" in
accordance with these steps, whether known or unknown.  These steps are the laws of creation, INTENSION is the action.  Before anything exists on the physical
plane, it must first be created as a thought. This happens whether we are conscious of it or not. The clearly formulated thought, energized by desire is picked up by
the devas and is then materialized into form. So anything that we can see on this physical plane is a result of a thought (humanity's element) energized by desire,
which the devas manifest and bring into form. So everything, without exception, contains devic life. They are, in fact, the life within the form. But just as with humans,
there are varying levels of consciousness within that form.

The devas are a parallel kingdom to humanity, and their development ranges over a wide spectrum of consciousness as does ours. The devic kingdom is
hierarchical in nature and includes the elementals, fairies, gnomes, garden sprites and nature spirits among others. These are the devic forces who cooperate in the
projects at places all around the world. These are also the nature spirits which usually made their way into "fairy" tales and legends, started undoubtedly by those
who possessed the ability to see them. These "devas" are closely connected to the earth but are no longer bound to restricted territories. For instance, a tree spirit
was a "master" of information about that tree, but may not have had any wisdom or information about another kind of tree only two feet away.

Now, the Deva - just like us - can tap into the hologram of the cell of that tree and know everything about the whole of the multiverse for it is but a
part yet containing the whole within it.

Knowing this, it becomes more clear how it can be said that everything is alive. In truth, everything does possess a livingness aspect to it. However, devas receive
their instructions and energy from humanity. The two kingdoms are intimately woven together. When humanity recognizes, appreciates, and acknowledges the devic
life within any object, the devic life force of that object is enhanced.

You might come across devas in places like churches, cemeteries, war memorials, whose energy is very heavy and weighted down. You can give the devas a tool of
transformation that they can use to assist them in transmuting the energies of humanity that the devas are obliged to embody. The deva merely reflects and
embodies the thoughts and feelings of humanity, and if people come to a place with a lot of sorrow, or dense feelings and thoughts, the devas will embody that form.
As one devic Master once said concerning the financial situation of the planet, "we hope that humanity comes up with better thought forms."  The devas welcome
someone who comes along and gives them "a better thought form" to embody.


NOTE:  The Buddhic or Buddhaic plane is the highest plane of creation. Its medium is pure or abstract kinetic energy. W e experience the buddhaic plane just
before fully refocusing our awareness in the Tao.  The infinite soul who incarnated as Buddha taught from this plane.

A very simple technique (shown at the end of this article) that we can offer to the devas is that of the Buddhic Column. It is simply a thought form that we construct,
but once we give it to the devas and allow them to use it, remarkable things happen.

Once the deva has the thought form of the Buddhic Column (which connects them into the Earth's Christ-consciousness or Unity consciousness grid) they are
physically linked with the Plan and intent of the Mother and the Hierarchy in a new way that assists them in their progress and development. It also allows the various
devas to link together in networks (where that serves their purposes.)



Offer the thought form to the devas in pollution clearing projects, etc.. you get the picture.  Go to certain points on the earth and create the thought forms which
initialize and give action to the Devas to carry out.


After making a contact with the deva you are working with, officially release it from any past vows or programs that no longer serve the Will of the Mother, and the
Plan of the Christ.

Invoke a five-pointed star of the Christ made of white light, and visualize it over the highest point of the area involved.

Invoke the Deva of the Buddhic Plane. Ask the Deva of the Buddhic Plane to drop down and anchor a Buddhic column of light from and through this five- pointed
star of the Christ.

Invoke or picture a standing vortex of energy (an upside down tornado type of whirlwind) which transmutes any of the lower vibrations and carries them up and into
the five-pointed star of the Christ.

If connecting together other Devic Beings into a network, visualize a line of light connecting the devas from star to star to form an existing network of devas working
for the transmutation and transformation of the Planet. Name them if you know them. We do this under the guidance and direction of Archangel Michael and the
Mother. Turn the result over to Spirit and do not try and direct or control what happens.

Offer a prayer of thanks, and disconnect from the session.

The Standing Vortex or Buddhic Column

                                                                   Figure 2  Buddhic Column or Standing Vortex

A Buddhic column is a permanent  column of Buddhic fire, linked into the planetary network, which may be built virtually anywhere-- such as markets, air ports,
theatres, locations of ill repute, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, your home, and other public or private places. It functions to continuously clear the area of
negative energies. It is based on the spiral spinning motion of all matter, including the atom, which is itself composed of tiny vortices. It can be made as large as is

The components of this structure are:

1. A 5-pointed Star often called the Star of the World Teacher, the Bodhisattva /  the Christ (five pointed star)

2. A thread of buddhic substance from the Great Deva (Angel) of  the Buddhic plane which is anchored deep into the Earth.

3. A rotating, tornado-like mass of atomic subplane matter, centered around this thread, with the tip connected to the Star.

Around the anchored Buddhic thread, the disciple creates with the cooperation of the great Deva of the Buddhic plane a great and powerful vortex, its tip connected
to the 5-pointed Star and its wide part sitting on the surface, like an upside-down spinning top as shown in the diagram above.

Don't  worry about which way to rotate the standing vortex.  The Devas are very familiar with this thought-form and will automatically spin it in the right direction
without guidance from you. However, the following information on the rotation of the vortex is provided for the curious.  Viewed from above, looking down, the
rotation in this case will probably be counter-clockwise.  In some cases, the star will change positions, move down into earth and back up, or come to rest on the
surface.  In the latter case, the vortex tip will be down and the rotation will probably be clockwise, as viewed from above.  In any case, debris will be sucked in (from
the sides) and up into the vortex and will be burned in the Star at its tip.  These vortices are stable structures and will remain, without further attention, as permanent
"clearing stations."  Their purpose is to clear the astral plane.

Since the buddhic columns of fire and the anchoring vortex are already a part of the planetary network, the effort of the disciple is one of moving an established
vortex, rather than creating a new one. So, technically when we say that we are building a Buddhic column in a specific location we are actually only moving one and
either expanding or decreasing its size.  It only requires the cooperation of the Great Deva of the Buddhic Plane.  If you are anchoring a Buddhic column alone
rather than in a group, you should have your own central channel built because the Buddhic thread used to construct it will go through your channel. This
requirement may not apply to Buddhic columns built by a group.

How to "Build" a Buddhic Column

  • Use a  Mantra for group unification and linking.

  • Say as a being of the God Source, I (we) invoke the One.  As the One, centered in the white of Divine Source, I (we) link with the Great Deva of the Buddhic

  • With the cooperation of the Deva, I (we) draw the planetary network into this institution or place with the standing, purifying vortex beneath the 5-pointed Star
    of the World Teacher or Bodhisattva.

  • With the assistance of the Great Deva of the Buddhic plane, a thread of Buddhic substance is brought down through the 5-pointed Star and deep into the
    Earth, where it is anchored into the network. The energies of red or green may appear to help anchor the Buddhic thread.  If this occurs and is recognized,
    you may assist by invoking the required color energy.

  • Picture a standing vortex of energy like the one shown in Figure 2 above which transmutes any of the lower vibrations and carries them up and into the five-
    pointed star for transmutation.

  • Imagine that the newly established Buddhic Column is linked into the network by sending lines of light from the 5-pointed star of the newly established Buddhic
    Column to the stars of other Buddhic Columns in the planetary network.

  • Once the thought-form is made and implemented by the Devas, you need not pay anymore attention to the result.  As was mentioned earlier, Buddhic
    columns are stable structures and will remain, without further attention, as permanent "clearing stations."