Devi Amma lives in Whitefield, a
suburb of Bangalore, India (just up
the street a bit from Sai Baba).

You don't need an address - just
ask any taxi driver in Whitefield -
they all know where Devi Amma

Knock on the door and someone
will tell you the hours that she
receives visitors during the day and
evening.  You may be lucky and you
can go right in.
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I was privileged to be in the presence of Devi Amma during a trip to India a few years ago.  She is my soul sister.  Here is an excerpt from a Sai Baba website which tells
Devi Amma's story.  You can not know how truly divine this being really is until you meet her.

Devi Amma lives in Whitefield a suburb of Bangalore, India.  She is radiant with saintly Love, and my intuition is that she is a fully-Realized Saint of the highest order.  Devi
Amma speaks fluent English, and tells delightful stories, often bubbling over with laughter.  She humbly says that on the inner plane she often finds herself in a group of
Spiritual Masters gathered around Sai Baba, saying it has been given her to keep one foot in that realm, and the other in our realm!

She speaks with great familiarity about the various forms of God, and the ancient Sages and celestial beings, for it seems they visit her on a regular basis.  “There are many
levels of angels,” she said to one questioner.  “They look very beautiful, so beautiful!  When they reach the highest level of angel, they become almost as beautiful as Lord

Devi Amma’s life story is amazing.  When she was 15, her uncle died unexpectedly, and the tragedy led her into deep introspection on the meaning of life.  In the
spontaneous meditations that followed, she began hearing the sound “OM”, and soon after this, a blazing sun of spiritual light appeared in her room.  From within that
effulgence gradually emerged the form of a divine man with a radiant aura, who introduced himself as the ancient Sage Agastya, the first of the great Rishis.  (She says, with
all humor and humility, that in a previous
incarnation she was Agastya’s daughter.)

Agastya declared that he was her Guru, and began appearing before her on a daily basis, instructing her in meditation and the secrets of spirituality, and by the age of 20 she
had attained Enlightenment.  One night, Sathya Sai Baba unexpectedly appeared in her room, His form repeatedly changing into the form of Lord Subramaniam (her family’s
chosen Deity) and then back into the form of Sai Baba, thus revealing His oneness with God.  Some years later, when she finally saw Sai Baba in person, she had the same
experience: “Sai Baba - Subramaniam!  Sai Baba - Subramaniam!”   

Agastya or Subramaniam are other names for Sanat Kumara, the ancient of days who is the brother of Sananda Kumara.  Alice Bailey's books have great information on the

She says that while Agastya is her Guru, Sai Baba is the Poornavatar, and is now working through her to bless and uplift humanity.

I hope that every one who has a chance to travel to India seeks out Devi Amma.  You will be truly blessed.

If you are not able to make the trip then please print out the picture of Devi Amma and connect with her exceptional Divine Energies.  She radiates magnificent higher
frequency light.

May light be upon your path now and always.