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Divine Blueprint
& Matrix Soul

I was deeply affected as I read the book Sanat Kumara, Training a Planetary Logos, by Janet McClure.   I began to have remembrances of
past lives and different time-space and dimension.  I knew that I had painted divine blueprints before and that, if I chose to, I could bring this gift
into this lifetime.  I knew how to tap into the energies of the cosmic matrix and was shown what I needed each time I painted someone's Energy
Matrix before they began the Earth Plane incarnation cycle.
The Blueprint Painting and Matrix Soul Reading opens the door so widely to your soul that you may remember using
your gifts "before" and you will have a "knowing" that they reside inside of you ready for you to tap into at a moments

The Divine Blueprint
The Divine Blueprint is painted from the Matrix Soul Energy which is directly from the creator and is total wholeness.   Divine Blueprints are
painted in that high frequency energy as I am deep in meditation when I tap into the Matrix Energy of your Soul and am shown what I need to
paint.  The paintings radiate the energy of that wholeness and when I have completed a Divine Blueprint I am always humbled by its beauty, the
beauty of your soul.
The Matrix Soul Reading
A written document of the gifts and abilities that you already possess and brought with you to fully express in this lifetime. These energies are
yours and you can tap into the wholeness of who you are and bring in all your gifts that you may not yet be utilizing in the now.

I always feel deeply connected to Source when I tune into to someone's energy matrix.  It moves me to tears to experience how beautiful and
magnificent each and every one of us are and to see the gifts that we bring to earth should we choose to utilize them.  Several of the beautiful
revelations of the Divine Blueprint are the gifts you possess that you are not yet utilizing and the wholeness and healing you receive from viewing
it each day.

The paintings radiate the energy of your divine plan and they are a privilege for me to paint.

Valerie Phillips
comes from my experience with Sanat Kumara.