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Divine Blueprint Painting
Matrix Soul Reading
About Blueprint & Reading
for Client in Washingston, USA
You bring with you many, many talents and gifts into the earth experience as shown
to me in your energy Matrix.

I always feel blessed when I see someone who has such power and beauty
radiating out as you have.  All the symbols, colors and strokes on your Divine
Blueprint painting are manifestations of how your energy and gifts flow out to the

You carry enormous intellectual and spiritual wisdom as shown in the golden and
blue rays at the top center of your Divine Blueprint (DB) as well as at the center core

You possess beautiful green healing energies filtered through your wisdom as you
can see in the right and left of your DB.  Ribbons and circles of gold flow through
the healing energy of your green rays.  You are the Divine Goddess Energies in

At the top center is a doorway or gateway through which you guide others on the
journey utilizing the gifts you possess.  You will notice there is an etheric Temple at
the top right and this archway leads to the temple of fire where all energies are
transmuted in alignment with Source.  This is where you lead others.

On to bottom left there is an earthly 3rd dimensional temple and one in the 5th
dimension in this same location.  This is where others begin as you lead them on
the path to their enlightenment.   You walk beside them as a friend, teacher, mentor
and guide.
The Divine Blueprint Painting has the power to unleash and activate your hidden
potential, gifts and talents within yourself.  You have the ability to then utilize the
energies that are already yours but as of yet may be lying dormant and unrecognized
until now.  These energies are your true Divine Matrix of the Soul.  The "real you".   

What I am very excited to offer you is, in my opinion, one of the most direct routes to
your “authentic self.”  The divine blueprint is the source energy of your true self, your
Divine Self.

How great would it feel to get up every morning and “know” that you are consciously
choosing from a very clear divine will.  What that feels like is that things are
effortless.  You just do it because you are it, if that makes sense.  It feels divinely
guided, with no struggle.  Your Divine Blueprint provides you with an energy mirror of
your true beauty; your divine self.  What that reveals to you over time is endless.

The Divine Blueprint painting is naturally embedded and imprinted with the higher
frequencies of light from your own whole Source energy and will have a powerful
healing effect on you.

By viewing it for minutes each day the energies of Sacred Geometry within the
painting of your Divine Blueprint will magnify and activate your cellular memory.  You
are honoring yourself as the Divine Spiritual Being that you are with this simple
action.  You are acknowledging to the universe, "I Remember Who I AM".   
  • Dissolves old patterns developed over lifetimes
  • A mirror of your Divine Self
  • Inspires you in New Directions
  • Clears your energy field allowing you to know your divine plan
  • Assists you to remember all your gifts and talents
  • Activates Hidden Potential
  • Unleashes your Authentic Self
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Divine Blueprint & Matrix Soul Reading
MATRIX  SOUL READING  6 pages (or more)  written report

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An estimated completion date will be provided by email after
check-out but on average its about 30 to 45 days from the order date.  
I generally have a backlog of 5 Blueprints to paint at any given time.     
Client in Henderson, Nevada

Back to the golden rays, you will see pink circles flowing with the rays in the center.  
These pink circles demonstrate your love and compassion for all.  With your
beautiful heart energies you are have a great healing presence.

The mountain is the very first that I have ever painted on a Divine Blueprint.  In was
shown to me like an ancient place of perfection like, Shamballa, where your
energies actually originate and are brought through to this time/space to create the
same thing here.

The green plants and trees are the richness of your healing energies
demonstrated.  The brown color of the mountain shows your connection to mother
earth.  The flowers are your rewards from the seeds you have planted in this world
by way of your thoughts, ideas, action and love you have brought with you to others.   
You’ll notice that some flowers and magenta and some are blue.  These are the
manifestations of the teachings that you have brought to the world.   These flowers
bring joy, vitality, beauty and you see their value.  They represent feelings of
contentment to the deepest feelings of spiritual completeness and also represent
hope and positive growth.  

You bring others your passion for spiritual living in a natural way through Divine
Wisdom.  You may not realize that you actually do this as it is so normally who you

The waterfall represents the energies of rebirth.  Your moving water energies wash
away and cleanse others of their problems, worries and concerns.  You bring such
spiritual healing to others.  When they have emotional upsets you are a great
healing of that making a fresh perspective and place for them to see their lives in a
different way.  You bring new energy to people.