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EOH Energy Work
The Eye of Horus (originally The Eye of Ra)
I have always seen the Eye of Horus shown as an ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Symbol and heard the story about Osiris and Isis and the
birth of Horus their son.

It was not until I was activated through the Eye of Horus that I understood what it really meant and that the story was a parable meant to keep
alive the energies until humanity was ready.  The Eye of Horus Clearing and Activation is energy work that was "downloaded" to me as I was
deep in Meditation just as I directly experienced my own personal Eye of Horus Activation.  
The Eye is the Eternal Eye through which a template of vibratory patterns is used by the Masters and
Lords of Light to generate physical creation.  The Father’s Eye of divine creation coordinating the minds
of the Elohim so that the divine image can be passed on to all generations of creations.  The Eternal Eye
allows the Father’s Living Light to make visible His garment so that it can form the Light substances.

From the Father’s Living Light through Sacred Geometry,  Light is transmitted through the Eye of Horus
to the human being to transform him into a Light Being.
This is known to me as a remembrance as far back as Lemuria and is a very ancient system that had been used on the Earth Plane but
forgotten until now.  I am not the only person who has remembered this.

When it is said that through the Eye of Horus you are transformed into a Light Being it does not mean that this is the only means.  I believe
that everyone is receiving the accelerated energies that are present on the Earth now.  The people who are drawn to activate through the
Eye of Horus energies are, in my opinion, the way showers.
The Eye of Horus refers to the ancient Mystery School Teachings of Creational Geometry encoded by Isis and Osiris and left behind with their
priests in Egypt.  These are the same souls who are the priests in Atlantis and other programs. They carry this genetically encoded
information in their DNA - triggered now as we move back to 2012.

There is additional information kept hidden in the ancient mystery school teachings since the beginning of this reality/program.

All hidden information will come forward at this time, as the Hall of Records - Golden Capstone was activated on December 12 - 12:12 at
12:12 am and pm in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid and brings your healing, enlightenment and ascension. The calibration for the
time clock of our reality was reset and consciousness shifted. Excerpt from

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about The Eye of Horus (originally, The Eye of Ra) is an ancient
Egyptian symbol of protection and power, from the deity Horus or Ra.
The Eye was a symbol that signified royal power, yet on the numeration side denoted a decimal system
where round off was set to the first 6-terms. The ancients believed this symbol of indestructibility would
assist in rebirth, due to their beliefs about the soul.
The more recent tradition of freemasonry
adopted the symbol in the form of the Eye of Providence and as such it has survived to this
The Eye of Horus (flanked by Nekhbet and Wadjet) was found under the 12th layer of bandages on
Tutankhamun’s mummy.
The ancient Egyptian word wedjet signifies blue, and the same word is used for the human eye.Horus
was an ancient god in Egyptian mythology who dramatically evolved over the whole of Egyptian history.
Early on, he became identified as a sky god, where one of his eyes was the sun, and the other the
moon. His weaker eye later became less important in his mythology, and he became more strongly
aligned with the sun, particularly when the cult of Thoth, a moon god, arose. As the sun, or rather, with
his eye as the sun, his eye had a special meaning, and became a symbol of power when combined with
the hieratic aspects of the subject. Originally, Ra held this position, but as Horus gradually became more
important, he transformed into a sun god, so Horus became thought of as Ra, or rather Ra-Herakhty (”
Ra, who is Horus of the two horizons”).

Later Horus-Eye numeration decreased in importance in Egyptian life, with hieratic, demotic and later
improvements in Egyptian arithmetic solving the oldest Horus-Eye problem. The oldest Horus-Eye
problem was to write any number, like one (1), exactly, without throwing away any piece of the number.  It
represents a peregrine falcon’s eye and the markings round it, including the “teardrop” marking
sometimes found below the eye; Ancient Egyptian h-r means “falcon”.

In arithmetic The Eye of Horus with fractions:

In the Ancient Egyptian measurement system, the Eye Of Horus was used a form of fractional notation, each of the parts of the eye
representing a different fraction. The parts of the eye were divided as follows:

  • 1/2 was represented by smell, symbolized by the right side of the eye in a form of the nose. The pyramid text says: “Behold [the fire]
    rises in Abydos and it comes; I cause it to come, the Eye of Horus. It is set in order upon thy brow, O Osiris Khenti-Amenti; it is set in
    the shrine and rises on thy brow.”

  • 1/4 was represented by sight or the sensation of light, symbolized by the pupil. The pyramid text says: “Perfect is the Eye of Horus. I
    have delivered the Eye of Horus, the shining one, the ornament of the Eye of Ra, the Father of the Gods.”

  • 1/8 was represented by thought, symbolized by the eyebrow. The pyramid text says: “…the Eye of Horus hath made me holy…I will hide
    myself among you, O ye stars which are imperishable. My brow is the brow of Ra.”

  • 1/16 was represented by hearing, symbolized by right side of the eye in the form of an arrow pointing towards the ear. The pyramid text
    says: “That which has been shut fast/dead hath been opened by the command of the Eye of Horus, which hath delivered me.
    Established are the beauties of the forehead of Ra.”

  • 1/32 was represented by taste, by the sprouting of wheat or grain from the planted stalk, symbolized by a curved tail. The pyramid text
    says: “Come, the Eye of Horus hath delivered for me my soul, my ornaments are established on the brow of Ra. Light is on the faces of
    those who are in the members of Osiris.”

  • 1/64 was represented by touch, symbolized by a leg touching the ground. The pyramid text says: “I shall see the Gods and the Eye of
    Horus burning with fire before my eyes.”