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A very gifted psychic, Kim combines a variety of tools to give
accurate, specific and detailed readings of past, present and
future events.

Aware of her strong psychic ability since childhood, Kim has
always been able to tune into people and provide very clear,
positive and practical guidance.

She is able to predict outcomes and assist clients in changing their
path to create desirable results.

Also a certified hypnotherapist, Kim is able to psychically
recall past lives of clients and provide detailed accountings of past
lives and events.

A very positive and detailed psychic, Kim guides her clients to tap
into their own inner strength and wisdom.

For an appointment, please call  619-847-1559

The other day, for instance, I learned that the waves in Hawaii sometimes begin as a ripple of energy created by a storm in
Australia.  It can take 8 days for this ripple to reach Hawaii where the coral reefs transform that energy into some of the biggest,
most beautiful surf in the world.  

causing giant waves that sweep into low lying areas ashore, wreaking havoc on life there.

The flow of energy in the natural world does not judge or consider the impact of itself on the world.  It is transformed by what it
encounters, in beautiful or horrendous ways without regard to impact.

We are also constantly transforming energy.  Our creative thoughts are the channel that directs this flow.  We take Spiritual energy
and send it out however we will!

The recent stock market dive is an example.  The bank and housing crisis rippled out into our collective mind and created a tsunami
of fear.  Why not?  Our situation appeared scary!  Driven by energized panic, the stock market fell and fell, and fell!   Even as the
president spoke on television about plans to turn this horrible mess around, the numbers continued to plummet.   

We may not all agree on the best way to move up from here.  We can, however, make the choice within ourselves.  We can refuse
to be swept away in a climate of fear!  We can direct our own energy!

Lesson 5—Direct your energy toward your desires!

Pay really close attention to who you are listening to and what you are thinking. There are various predictions about the return of
the economy.  You choose what you believe and think about.  As I write this, gas prices are falling.  The morning news reported that
housing sales are up, if slightly.  There is plenty of positive news.  

Take yourself out of the prevailing tide of negative energy.  Create your own mental stream of thought about what you want to be
true for you.  Look for ways to direct your energy that are the most hopeful/helpful.   I am using this time to develop my writing, a
long neglected dream!  

If you feel you need help or guidance with this, feel free to give me a call!

Love, Kim