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Meditation on Your Third Eye

This meditation is the form of consciousness ATTENTION in which you will gaze upon an object of meditation, to unite your attention with that object.

Attention is your mind and it is like the cursor on your computer. It determines where you are focusing. By changing this focus you can see different things within.

Your awareness Attention has several vehicles. When it rises out of its body focus behind the pituitary gland center, it travels to higher Planes. These different
vehicles allow it to operate in those higher Planes.

This is like when you go deep under the water, you wear a deep sea diving suit. If you go up into the higher atmosphere of earth, you may have to wear a
pressurized flight suit. If you go up into outer space, you will need to wear a space suit. The attention's
vehicles are like these specialized suits that you have to
wear when you go into these different environments.

When the vehicles of its astral, causal and mental bodies have been put aside, it functions in this essential

At its deepest core, your attention is like a
wave of consciousness. When you focus at this level, you move from contemplating your attention to being your
attention. You identify with it.

In this meditation technique, you will learn how to focus on your attention and open the third eye.

Third Eye Opening Meditation
Sit upright in a chair, or in a comfortable cross-legged posture on a sofa or on a cushion on the floor. Close your eyes, and focus your attention at the point between
your eyebrows. Place your attention on the following points for three to five minutes each, monitor your experience at each level, then shift your focus of attention to
the next level:

Sense of sitting in the present time

Awareness of sensations arising from the environment in the present time

Awareness of
sensations arising in the body in the present time

Awareness of
emotions arising in the present time

Awareness of
thoughts arising in the present time

Awareness of
I AM statements arising in the present time, with associated thoughts, feelings, and memories

Awareness of
memories and impressions bubbling up from the Subconscious

Awareness of the
present time being recorded in memory

Focus your attention in turn on each chakra of the Subconscious mind along the spine

1st Chakra at the base of spine

2nd Chakra behind the navel

3rd Chakra behind the solar plexus

4th Chakra behind the heart

5th Chakra at the place where the neck meets the shoulders (throat)

6th Chakra at the point where the nose meets the forehead

Move behind the point between the eyebrows towards the top of your head. You will encounter a presence behind this center that silently observes. Focus more
intently on this presence. You will begin to see light emanating from this presence.

Affirm quietly,
"the self I am is seated behind the two eyes. It is luminescent radiant light. It is consciousness itself. I am this consciousness."

This is the attention awareness:  This is your third eye, which allows you to see within when your two eyes are closed.

Remain in this state for as long as you wish. Then, when you are ready to return, retrace your steps through each focal point until you are fully grounded in your
normal waking awareness.

Practice this meditation until you can go at will to each focal point and unite with the attentional principle easily.

Over time our third eye has grown dormant from non-use and we can all activate and use it again.  The Third Eye allows us the ability of clairvoyance, the ability to
make contact at different levels and dimensions.

For ages people have been trying to reopen their third eye. Wise men from the East have even worked out several methods, for they knew that it was nothing more
than the sixth chakra, the energy center.

In order to open it, one must undergo various exercises and meditations. Sometimes though, one might arrive at the spontaneous opening of the third eye, this has
occurred with many people after an injury or concussion. Scientists are attempting to assess whether the so-called `third eye` ( or rather our exceptional abilities,
called siddhis by practitioners of yoga) is a small gland the size of a pea.

Many throughout history have claimed that the third eye controlled the flow of thoughts.
The third eye is the center of a kind of image-creation
which gives the spirit and mind influence on the physical body.

For the scientist of today, the third eye is an uncommonly interesting gland. It is sensitive to light and the daytime, which is related to the hormone melatonin, which it
produces and reduces states of sleep and awareness.

So then, how to open this third eye? There are people who perhaps will never be successful at this, this especially goes for those hard materialists who make fun of
things spiritual and claim they are nonsense. Those wanting to open the third eye for reasons such as reading the thoughts of others and similar "activities" are
usually unsuccessful as well. And if there is some limited success, this is soon lost. "Activating" the third eye is mainly done to serve ones own spiritual growth, so
that we are better equipped to mange life and make proper decisions, differentiate and develop our intuition.

There are several methods for opening the third eye. Most of them come from the ancient yoga masters and wise men of the East. The yoga practitioner would
usually start with breathing which eventually deepens.  For the beginners this method may be
too much though, and should be learned under the careful eye of a
trained instructor. What I mean about
too much is that you can open up to the different planes and not be ready for it - prepared for it.  There is a certain amount of
fear of the unknown in most people that needs to be released BEFORE the third eye is opened.  The fear of course is just illusion but very real when your third eye
starts to open and you hear and see things that impinge on your waking moments.  It can make you feel a bit 'unhinged' unless you are very grounded in who your
really are - a divine spiritual being.

Beginners sit in a chair with feet flat on the floor or in the lotus position with hands placed on the knees with the palms facing upward, the thumb
and index finger together.

Inhale (count one, two three, four), exhale (count one, two, three, four).

Breath in and out several times with precision and attention to detail, then we may arrive at the slight lightness of head - this coming from the
oxygen increase.

This is the way to get rid of intrusive thoughts.

We concentrate on the breathing, and then we set our minds on the point between the eyes.

We may look at ourselves in the mirror - placing a small blue circle or stone there, and we imagine that at that place an energy vortex, glowing in
indigo or a violet color.   

According to some the Third Eye Opening takes weeks and months of intensive training lasting about 20 minutes each day.
Third Eye Opening Exercise:

1.  Lie down in a quiet room. Some like it dark, other's don't mind doing so in day light. Pick whatever time of day is good for you.

2   Close your eyes and clear your mind of all the days worries etc. This may take a few minutes at least - allow your self time to shed all that
anxiety. Don't be in a hurry.

3.  As you begin to relax, release the worries of life, begin to focus your attention on the center of your forehead. Look at it from your mind,
see if you can feel that area as you think about it.

4.  As you slowly begin to become more attentive to this spot, it may feel a little warm, or even tingly. That's fine. If it doesn't, that's fine too.

5.  Begin to view an eye there, and image that it is slowly opening. Concentrate on opening this eye, not your physical ones. It may feel a little
strange at first. Just keep trying. Some people report seeing a strong light flow into this 'third' eye. Just allow whatever to happen to happen.

6.  As you practice this on a daily basis, start to try to see the room around you with only this third eye. Make sure you are not opening your
physical ones. Some people put a soft eye mask on to make sure it doesn't happen. Keep practicing.

5.  After you repeat this for several days/weeks and feel comfortable you can try other exercises, such as trying to read the history of an
object, or remote projection. It all just depends on what you want or are interested in doing. Just take your time and don't rush it.

You cannot open the third eye until the blocks which you have placed deep within the soul memory are removed.  It is not opened until your soul is ready for it to
happen. Each soul chooses before birth what time that will be.

Opening the third eye can take many Earth years for it to open fully. Only those souls who have done healing work on themselves and raised their vibration can
experience the opening of the third eye. Depending on the soul's vibration when it enters the Earth plane, the opening of the third eye can happen in the early
puberty years, or later in life. In women it can coincide with pregnancy and menopause. In men it can coincide with a serious illness, shock, stress or accident.
Something will trigger the opening. Your previous incarnations and the level of consciousness and vibration you had achieved will determine the level of vibration
and consciousness brought into this life. Some souls come into this incarnation highly vibrational and on a high level of consciousness with only a small amount of
lessons to learn. Other souls bring with them a heavy load to learn and to change - my channel being one of those.

Know that when you are ready to do it, you will open the third eye. It cannot be rushed. Each soul who opens the third eye also has to learn to use it wisely. They
alone choose to do this, nobody else makes the decision.
Opening The Third Eye

An easy way to activate the THIRD EYE in a passive way is by  looking and perceiving.

We are truly spirits, who occupy physical bodies to participate in physical reality: without our bodies we couldn't be a part of it. We can consider the physical body a

The spirit learns to use the vehicle to walk, speak and behave in social conformity. This learning pulls our attention to the physical senses to better we operate the
physical body.

Spiritual beings naturally see as it is part of our nature. Seeing through eyes, which means looking through two holes, but which serves us.  We can refocus our
inner eye away from the physical eyes. This is called activation of third-eye, in a passive observing way.

Some of you have heard of or even experienced what is known as Shape-Shifting or Mirror Gazing, looking at aspects of yourself. This is one step of the usage of
the third-eye.

Preparation Exercises:
  • Most people have very tiny particles in their eyes, and we usually don't perceive them as our focus is most 1-2m in front of our eyes. But in a very relaxed
    moment, we can focus very close to the physical eye itself, and perceive some particles, which distort bright objects and give a more colorful surrounding. This
    is a physical effect, not a subtle perception.

  • Some people feel presences in the corner of their sight, and try by turning their head, to catch the presence they felt. This can be a real being, that is trying to
    get your attention. Your physical attention is mainly in the center of your sight, in the corner your sight it gets less focused, and sometimes your inner eye
    overlaps with the corner of your physical sight. This perception tends to be a real subtle perception of your third-eye.

  • Some of the spiritually-interested people have drug experiences, like marijuana or cocaine, where some altered states of consciousness are experienced. But
    the difference between using drugs (including legal ones like alcohol) and the natural use of the non-physical senses is, that drugs distort perception by
    removing the natural blockages which are expressions our spiritual maturity and allowance. I personally do not promote usage of drugs, even legal ones, to
    achieve altered states, as it does indeed create more than just physical imbalances, but astral distortions as well, which are more difficult to be healed.

All people have third-eye experiences, but most people do not pay attention to them, as their belief-systems simply reject these experiences as real.  

Preparation and Training

Practice daily or weekly.

  • Take a candle, watch the flame for a period of time, let's say 1-2 minutes. Try to think calming thoughts, try to feel the room you are in, and feel comfortable
    with yourself. Don't stare until your eyes tear, but simply watch the flame, and allow your thoughts to calm as your body does too. Try to establish a meditative
    state, but different than a common meditation: with open eyes.

  • Watch your face in a mirror, try not to laugh or smile about the ridiculous situation looking at yourself. Look at your face, in a kind of distance, saying to
    yourself: That's now my face, it's part of myself, my physical body, my vehicle. Try to watch your own face for 1-2 min. too, with dimmed light if possible instead
    of bright light which might hurt your eyes.

  • If you feel better in nature than in your own home, look for a place where you feel totally calmed and relaxed, for example a lake, or river. Try to achieve a
    meditative state, but as mentioned, with open eyes.

Opening The Third Eye - Background

You inhabit a physical body, which serves you with physical senses, where the visual sense, our eyes, feed us with thousands of electrical signals every second. It's
no surprise that it's not well known to look without physical eyes, especially in the technical times we live in today, where everything has to be multimedia to get our

1. Physical Eyes Only
This is the most common case in western society. We are very visually oriented, and our technically oriented attention and research needs a high degree of ability to
perceive physical reality in order to change it as we did mainly with industrialization, as an example.

2. Physical Eyes and Inner Eye Overlap
The physical eyes serve impressions of the physical reality to the inner eye, with the presence in the middle of the head (point of presence). If you prepare your
physical eyes and reduce the traffic of information, you slowly and partly will watch through the inner eye, or third eye, which may give you impressions beyond
physical reality. The nature of this subtle picture is different than the impressions of physical reality. More simply said, physical pictures passed by the eye are real in
the order of physicality, and the pictures of the inner eye are real in the order of subtle reality. To bring both together, that's the real issue. The understanding of
their correlations is mainly achieved through practice.

3. Only Inner Eye
This case is somewhat rare, and is only achieved with a lot of practice and inner allowance. Giving up the attention to physical eyes is dependent on a deep trust
that there is more than physical reality, and often there is a lot of fear involved, deep fear to lose any orientation of physical reality.  Some people, even experienced
spiritually aware people prefer to see with closed physical eyes. In our strong belief-system most of us use to define, that we only can see with open eyes.

Open your third eye carefully and at your own pace.  Crystals are a wonderful tool as is color therapy (use the color range indigo-purple;exact color is individual),
aromatherapy (tea tree,clay sage and lavender),heat,massage (gently and in a circular motion; counterclockwise
e.g. Top, left. Bottom, right, top).

As the vibrational frequency of your chakra speeds up, you may or may not experience: heat, dizziness, strange dreams, out of body experiences, visions,
clairvoyance (clear-seeing).  If you think you're ready for this step-you are (mentally and maybe psychologically).  
You'll have lots of support through these changes.  Remember,you are an individual and your experiences may be very different from anybody else.  If you
experience headaches and/or you get bloody noses,your chakra is speeding up too quickly.  You can apply a cold washcloth to your forehead.  

You're shifting your state of being and that takes discipline.  When you open your chakras (rather increase their vibrational frequency; technically speaking)you will
experience changes on all levels.  Each chakra spins at a different frequency and imbalance can occur very easily if the various parts of you aren't ready.  If you're
opening your 3rd eye but your sacral chakra is out of balance, it will affect your system.

One must strive for equal balance in the chakras.  To achieve the optimum shift in your third eye opening, one must first open the root chakra (the first one, located
at the tail bone), then after your 1st chakra issues are dealt with,

Open your 2nd chakra.  It is the etheric/astral system and to try and separate one chakra from another is similar to excluding all life on Mother Earth except human

Remember the opening of
all your chakras is important for balance especially when you open your third eye.
The Activation, Its Passive Usage

Two exercises are given below:

Mirror Watching A Single Person

Watch your face in a mirror, with dimmed light. Make sure you are alone, or you know that no one will interrupt you, as you have to slip into a very relaxed state of
consciousness, where any physical interruption may affect you much deeper. Choose maybe an evening, not a special time, but maybe after work, when you are
perhaps already a bit tired physical and mentally. If you feel really tired, don't practice it or don't even urge or strain yourself to do it. Do it when you feel comfortable,
it's important you feel comfortable, there is no competition to win or to constrain things. I say this, as I came across people who constrained things mentally, and
blocked themselves with this urge.

Again, watch your face, relax yourself by a calming suggestion such as, "I'm in peace within myself, I simply watch my face to calm and find peace in me". Focus with
your physical eyes on one point, between your eyes, forehead, or one single eye. Do not try to watch both eyes, because it will make you move your sight.

Don't move with your sight or blink your eyes, because it's necessary to allow your attention to move away from your physical eyes toward your inner eye.

Choose a point on your face you focus, and don't change it anymore. Remain on this point as long as possible, again don't constrain it, if you feel not comfortable
doing so. After some moments, maybe 30-60 secs and you are fully relaxed, you will feel an warmth on your back, neck area. I do mention this, so that you simply get
aware of your energy. If you don't feel anything special, don't worry, don't expect, but if you do feel it, know you are well underway.

The warmth is energy, which you attract by refocusing your attention. You can say, it's a type of preparing energy from your spirit-guides, or beings helping you in
your spiritual path, or simply perceive it as presence of the good. It's not so important you know exactly what it is, or who it is. If it feels comfortable, open yourself
even more. Imagine an inner door you open, while you still are looking at your face and this particular point.

After some moments you may see a short change in your own face, starting at the point you are looking at.  Be open to allow it to happen but don't anticipate it or
that will get in the way.

You have to release the attention to watch with your physical eyes.

The change of your own face, is an overlapping picture which reaches your consciousness, the one picture served from your physical eyes will be smoothly
overlapped like a slide by another face, another presence. This face may be humanoid.

When this happens, breath slowly and surround yourself with the best and most light filled energy that you can, and maybe close your eyes for a moment to give
your eyes some moisture and cleansing for your physical eyes, as we are usually not experienced with having open eyes for 60 seconds or longer. Focus again on a
point, maybe the same as before, and relax your sight again as much as possible, and you will slip very easily and faster until your face will change again.

If you see parts of someone else's face in yours, watch as an observer, but only look, don't judge what you see, even if it's a beautiful or grotesque face, just look,
just watch.

This entire procedure maybe shouldn't go for longer than 5-10 minutes, and if you don't see anything after 2-3 minutes, stop.  Again, no constraining, but allowance.
Don't even judge yourself if nothing happens the first time.

Mirror watching is generally used to focus the attention and will to make affirmations, for example, to call spirits, or even focus on third eye.

Watching Faces, or Shape Shifting For Two Persons

Ask a friend, who is interested in energies, as well as meditation and who you can openly share spiritual concepts with, without fearing that he or she may laugh at
you. Some basic knowledge of chakras may be very good for both of you to know. Practice a relaxing meditation, for 10-15 minutes, like surround yourself with light,
and balance all the trouble and distraction from your daily life.

Choose two chairs, and maybe a table with a small little candle in the middle, but it's not especially necessary, it simply helps you to relax better, and shifts the
consciousness into a more relaxed state. You could also sit on the ground, but make sure you are comfortable, I can't repeat that enough. Keep about 1.5 to 2
meters distance between you and your friend. Make sure that there is no direct light, dim any artificial light, or use a candle as mentioned.

Look at each other's face, choose one point in the face of each other, either the nose, the point between the eyes, the forehead or whatever. It's not important
where you look with your physical eyes, it is important though that you relax your sight totally. Even as said before, don't move your sight anymore when you have
anchored your sight, and don't blink anymore if possible. Every blink of your eye-lids brings your inner attention back to your physical eyes, so it is therefore
important you allow your attention to move away from the physical sight by relaxing mentally as well as physically.

Breath deeply, and feel whether energy surrounds you, as in the example of warmth around your head, face or back of the neck. Warmth in your face will indicate
the energy the other one radiates by his or hear third-eye; warmth on the back, upper part of body or even neck indicates a coming presence entering your aura,
attracted by the activity.

The moment you see something, speak out what you see ... relax again and focus back until you see another face. Allow also your friend to focus, and maybe wait
until he or she gets a glimpse of a change. Again, there is no competition to win, seeing something doesn't mean it's better. If it's happening fine, if it doesn't happen
fine too. Help each other with patience. If it works easily, describe the face while you see it.

At the beginning you maybe will have difficulties focus on one face, as there may appear 10-15 different faces during a very few seconds, as if you are watching a
slide-show, but someone doesn't wait until you can grasp its meaning. It's like you see, but you have to learn to turn the channel smoothly, like a radio station. If
there is a face, which attracts you, and you remember it well for that short time, think of this face, and allow yourself deeply to move back to this face, smoothly. It
takes training to focus on one presence longer.

Opening The Third Eye - Other activations
Using a Crystal Sphere or ball:  Another way to relax the physical eyes, to move the attention to the inner eye. The crystal-sphere allows by its physical structure,
to recognize no real pattern to begin to search astrally for connected presences and energies. When watching faces, you go with a key, even the face. The
difference with the sphere, is you have to build within yourself a key, for what you are looking for.

Candle: The candle initiation is a preparation technique of using a candle is used to reach a certain state of consciousness, where other beings can be perceived in
the flame.

Allows your conscious mind to perceive your daily-life with the inner eye as well, not just in a prepared surrounding.

If you experience no feeling, no changing of the face, your attention may be strictly on the physical.  In order to train psychic abilities such as this third-eye example.
If the time is right, you might come across other ways to train your subtle senses. Be open, and with no expectations.

Further Steps
When you practice Watching Faces or Shape Shifting weekly, and you get skilled in focusing also during daily-light and moving faces, you may take pictures, and
focus on them.

Focus as described above, and form a key, to attract the connected energies of the picture. This key is an inner question and thought-pattern which you broadcast
literally with your mind. It's different than channeling, as you receive a picture related to the picture. It will tend to be a face too, but not necessarily. If other
face-forms appear, be open, don't judge or censor them with your current belief-system.

Watch people's faces around you. While you talk to them, watch their aspects they keep, it will give you a glimpse of their bigger personality, that each of us is. You
may perceive aspects of someone's personality, that you may connect with the concept of past-lives, or you might see a personality aspect one is balancing in his or
her present life.
Advanced States

Lucid Sight
If you are focusing on the person, and you move away from the face, for example to the outline, and you start to see the dull milky aura of the person, you even have
to let go more of your watching with the physical eyes. You slip into a trance like state, but you are fully conscious, your mind is totally passive, observing, a very
peaceful state. Slowly the entire surrounding begins glowing by itself, not only the person you looking at, but the wall, and all things standing around.

When you remain in this state, your sight is expanded, not fully spherical 360 degrees, but maybe 240 degrees, and you can see things.
You will see glowing smoke like dancing energies, and you will see your own aura or energy flooding your sight, and everything will get brighter and brighter without
any need for artificial light. You might be able to see light-beings standing or being present in the room, or maybe just a human-like outline, which becomes a glowing
presence of light, who are assisting you and the people who gathered for the session.

Out of Body Experience (OBE)
A further state of Lucid Sight is, your sight expands to full spherical 360 degrees, and you feel you are in the middle of your head (point of presence), and then, if
you are fully centered in your being, you leave your body fully conscious and you feel you're watching like a bee, you feel very small and the room will getting huge,
and you will see everything in spherical 360 degree view.

Some people move a bit out of their head - nearly an OBE where things are even more real, more vivid.

A lot of teachings of visualization are done today, in meditation circles, OBE interested groups, and now modern management teachings. You manifest with the
third-eye, and with the force of the heart and base chakra. If you visualize, you pull astral and etheric energies toward you, where you act as modeller.

Managers: They visualize actively, and ground themselves with the 1st base chakra to be able estimate the success of the business, then achieve a business and
company that flourishes: "Your success is of your own creation". Today managers are kind of half-aware yogis, who manifest things with material energy called
money. But often spiritually aware people judge those, who are deep in materialism, but those spirits simply learn to handle energy here, and are often overwhelmed
by its usage.

Artists: They usually perceive more, and control with the third-eye and physical eyes the transformation of the higher-dimensional patterns into matter (the picture).
For example, a very intense picture drawn by an artist has a physical appearance, and an astral aspect as well, and if the artist was balanced when he or she drew
it, we feel it and it does deeply touch us. One of those cultures that was conscious of this connection was the Egyptian culture with its hieroglyphics, which indeed are
more than physical symbols.

Scientists/Engineers: Scientists act as visualizers too, especially when they have to make theoretical research available for industry. Making a plan, then drawing
symbols to make other people aware of to create a physical thing, is mainly based on the ability to transform higher realities into the limited physical reality.

Again, everything we affect, may it be cooking, painting a wall, signing a contract, driving a car or riding a bicycle, has an astral aspect, which is more real than the
physical aspect. The connection of both is the secret of every success.

Opening The Third Eye - Full activation
The full activation of the third-eye with the kundalini is a major step, which needs to be assisted by a teacher for without guidance of an experienced embodied
teacher or a full-conscious remembrance of a past-life you where received the teaching already, it's not good to do so.

As long as the third-eye is somehow isolated in use, there is less to achieve. For example, the moment you also open other chakras to perceive the subtle reality,
you not only get pictures, but feelings and emotion which may help much more to understand these impressions. The same for the active usage, if you work
consciously with base-charka (full acceptance of incarnation, fully grounded), and the heart-charka, and the crown as well (acceptance of a higher purpose of your
life), you may indeed experience miracles.

Full activation of the third-eye is connected to the full balance of all other chakras, which is the kundalini, which finally leads to the true enlightenment of an
embodied spirit. There is no short-cut possible to being fully balanced in yourself . . .
While I am providing information to open the third eye, I want to say that this is not the
'Target' or 'Goal' of spiritual awakening - rather it is a bi-product.

During the ascension process you will naturally open your third eye.  For those who have an 'agenda' about what you will use your open third eye for - forget about
it.  The third eye does not work that way.  It is stimulated by deep connection to Source and a true desire to do 'will to good' or the Divine Self's will - not ego will.

Ok, now that being said I will explain what opening the third eye really means and what happens when the third eye
 It does not mean you are going to have better luck in card games or at the race track or other gambling, etc.

What an open third eye does mean is that you will have a 'knowing' of ancient knowledge at your fingertips as events
unfold for you in your life.  An open third eye means that you will receive 'hits' of information and insights about other
people that you are working with or in relationship with.  This will assist you in making higher choices for yourself as
you navigate your life.  

Also, your communication with non-dimensional or non-physical beings will increase because they are attracted to someone who is ready, willing and doing the work.

With all that being said I present some exercises below that can open your third eye knowing your intention is truly spiritual growth.