Poems of Power
by Latrice Green
The profound sweetness of
Latrice Green's Power Poems speak of the
quiet truth within us all.  Please take a
moment to connect with the healing
energies within the words of this Poem of
Power "Tree Consciousness".   Valerie

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    Fuzzy, black, and prickly

    Mindlessly devouring leaves

    Unaware of others, unaware of the trees

    Gorging on my egotistic desires

    Not knowing or caring what the future may transpire

    I am a Caterpillar

    I am a product of my own making

    Too much consumption, a huge karmic undertaking

    Now my world is dark and lonely

    Closed up from the rest of humanity, just me only

    Left to ponder upon my quest for worldly goods

    To discover my lessons and learn what I could

    I am a Cocoon

    Finally I have realized the reasons why

    Excepted my downfalls and transformed my cries

    Now I am ready to emerge as something new

    Something happy, something joyous, and something true

    I’m ready to take that leap of faith and fulfill my mission on this
    sacred ground

    To Heal others, Protect mother Earth, and Teach Love all around

    I am a Starseed, a Light Being, here to spread Love abound

    I am a Pink Butterfly



    Tree Consciousness

    If we were trees

    We would be completely grounded into Earth

    Our roots firmly implanted into our Mother’s soil

    Nourishing ourselves with her nutrients and only taking that
    which is needed

    If we were trees

    We would long to absorb Father Sun’s rays

    Unselfishly utilizing his vitamins and healing resources

    Stretching our arms out higher and higher to grow closer to him

    Accepting his sunrays as a focal point to help direct and guide

    If we were trees

    We would have a unified connection with Mother Gaia

    Our dance would be the never-ending sway of our branches in
    her wind

    Our song would be the frolic of our leaves in her breeze

    Our voice would be telepathic and only audible for those
    connected to her in Love

    If we were trees

    We would sit in silence, meditating on our surroundings

    Listening to the songs of birds, the wings of butterflies, the
    whispers of the wind

    Absorbing and integrating their stories and teachings

    Appreciating the life of all existence and conscious of The One
    in All

    If we were trees

    We would gladly bestow our branches for homes to many

    Joyously sharing our life and love to benefit All

    Gaining knowledge from one another and Unconditionally
    giving of ourselves

    If we were trees

    We would be Universal Spiritual Beings

    On a quest to become Unconditional Loving Sparks of The

    Completely connected to All That Is

    Offering, Sharing, Loving, Rising, Limitless, Miraculous

    Masters of Light and Love



The Glory of Nature

The beauty of nature is filled with amazement

Living mutually in harmony and peace

Each part of it working together for the whole

Every element joyously fulfilling their roles

The enchanting site of the fluffy clouds moving slowly in the breeze

The leaves of the trees making cheerful whooshing sounds

The fragrant smells of the plants and flowers overwhelming the

The sound of the wind blowing and laughing in your ears

The white, orange, and yellow butterflies fluttering nearby

The buzz of the bees pollinating and gathering nectar

The songs of the birds teaching and connecting to your soul

And the healing rays of Father Sun beaming down upon all

This is just a small demonstration of the glory of Mother Gaia

She births life in a variety of forms and freely gives of her resources

Teaching us lessons as she loves universally

It’s time for humanity to once again dance in her captivating grandeur

To take our rightful places in this majestic Divine Plan

To do our parts and walk together in harmony and peace

To joyously serve one another and partake in the dance of
Unconditional Love



    The Great Sphere of Light

    Who is this mysterious immense sphere of light?

    He is always present in various colors and hues.

    He sits at the center of our universe watching us as we travel
    around him.

    He provides us with light. He provides us with warmth.

    He provides the secret ingredients for life.

    Some try to say he is harmful to our eyes and skin, but how can
    this be truth?

    Without him there would be no us. There would be no animals.
    There would be no plants. There would be no food.

    Many of the ancient cultures gave him reverence.

    They appreciated his glory, his beauty, his life giving and
    healing properties.

    They understood his secrets and his mysteries.

    Many of us take him for granted and scowl at his heat.

    But without him we would not exist.

    Could he also be a portal that connects us to higher realms?

    Could he be a gateway to travel to other universes?   

    We will again know his enigma one day soon.

    We will again connect with him and fully appreciate all that he
    does for us.

    We will again realize the majestic unconditional Love of Father


Father Tree Speaks:    
His Message to Mankind
    I am Father Tree
    I have been here for many, many years
    I am the keeper of the knowledge and wisdom of the ages
    I am of the Eucalyptus variety; however, I am closely related to all of
    my tree brethren
    In fact, I am closely related to all of mankind and every living thing
    on my Divine Mother Earth
    As we are all one
    We all originated from the same Source and are sustained by our
    Divine Mother Earth and Father Sun
    Without these three there would be no life
    When one of my tree brethren are harmed in anyway, I feel their pain
    Likewise, when any living being on our planet, in our galaxy, or in
    our universe is harmed I can feel this too
    As I have an aspect of every living soul within me because I have a
    spark of the Source that resides within me, as do we all
    Again I say, we are all One
    We are all One, beloveds
    Wake up! Open up to the truth! To the reality that every action you
    create affects us all
    Your actions affect every living thing: every mineral, every insect,
    every plant, every animal, every human, every galactic being, every
    star, every planet, every galaxy, and every universe
    Please understand that what I speak is truth!
    It’s time for mankind to wake up and accept responsibility for their
    To create their actions out of Love
    Love is the river that nourishes our souls
    This is what the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms do you for you
    here on Earth….we send Love nourishment
    It is time for all of mankind to wake up and return this sacred favor….
    Send Love
    It is quite simple….send Love in every thought, every action
    Show your Divine Mother and Father that you are grateful for all that
    they do to sustain your life
    Show all of your brothers and sisters that you appreciate them and
    are mature enough to take responsibility
    Grow up, beloveds! Now is the time!
    We are all connected! We are all ONE!


    Unconditional Love: Return to the Source

    To Love without conditions

    Is to Love regardless of status or position

    To disregard race or creed

    To even Love when the other is in need

    This Love knows no distance

    For it is felt throughout all of existence

    There are no boundaries known to this Love

    For it is a sacred consciousness sent from the heavens above

    It is the type of Love that heals all wounds

    That protects, that comforts, and renders one immune

    This true and undying Devotion stands the test of time

    For it is unchanging, unwavering, it is Divine!

    To understand, experience, and emit this Love is essential

    For when we accomplish this, we have Mastered our full

    We began from a single spark of this Exalted Love from the
    Divine Architect

    Then our Souls were sent on this journey of introspect

    This is the reason we are incarnated here on Earth

    To experience, discover, comprehend, and undergo a full

    To learn our lessons and accomplish the One Goal

    To unconditionally Love ourselves and all other beings for we
    are a whole

    It is time for all of mankind to recognize and join together in this
    pre-written course

    To go back from whence we came and return to the Divine

    Sopdet-Ra Pearleras Irgas