~ The Final Quadrant ~
Final Approach to 2012
Greetings from Home

There is a reason to the timing of your being here on this planet at this critical time. Many of you have brought to Earth information that was very important to have at
this evolutionary juncture of time and space. Many of you believe there is going to be a total change on this planet in the year 2012, and you wanted to be here to
be a part of it at exactly this time. Many of you anticipated a major setback in the year 2000, and you wanted to be here for that as well. You have made it! Each and
every one of you kept your appointment with time. You are here at the right place at the right time to do what you came to do. Many of you are still trying to figure out
exactly what that is, but trust that you will re-member. “What does it look like and how do I make a living at it?” You humans are so funny! You ask questions, take
ideas from Home and extrapolate them into your own world.

Countdown to Ascension

Let us talk about the overlay of time on your planet, because that is one of the critical pieces that all of you will be dealing with in the next three years. This upcoming
time period is becoming very important.

As you know, we have been talking about the countdown to ascension for a while. In the beginning it started out as a cosmic joke. Part of the reason for that was
simply that the year 2012 was thought for so long to be the end of the planet and the end of recorded history. Your intentions were to move all this into the next
space—many of you have called it the fifth dimension, the ascension, or the new time on Earth. We have told you a bit about what that looks like from our
perspective, for the path you are creating starts between your ears. You are the ones creating the path just before your foot hits the ground and you are certainly
planning something very special. But here is the interesting part. Your fears of the year 2012 were correct. In the original script of the Game, in the year 2012 for
planet Earth would have been the end in a sense. It was written that Earth would wind down all of its life force energy between the years of 2000 and 2012. You
would have started this process not only with confusion, frustration and anger on the planet on the part of individuals, but also with the Earth herself.  She has been
picking up on that vibration, absorbing it and having many more difficulties with weather pattern changes and seismic and volcanic activity. This has been especially
evident in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where we predicted it many, many years ago. New Lemuria is rising and we are telling you that it is all starting to shift.

There is still a movement that will take place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that will have a tremendous impact on the rest of the planet. It will open the new
portals of creation, and at that time many of your own belief systems will have to dissolve.  This must occur to be able to begin evolving into the next level, for you to
support a life in this next level of existence. Now, what does that look like? Does that mean you are going to leave your bodies? Does that mean everything is
suddenly going to be okay? No. Trust us when we say that the evolution of humanity does not work that way. You work very well with positives and negatives. The
problem is that you have always called negative “bad” and positive “good.” As you evolve to this next level, you are going to realize that there simply is no “right” or
“wrong.” There is no difference between good and bad. Instead, it is simply the way each one of you has perceived it and brought it into your own world that causes
the seeming disparity. Much of the changes you are going to start to see will open up possibilities that have been closed to you before.

The Final Quadrant – A New Miracle

The three-year period 2010, 2011 and 2012 is the final quadrant of what you are going to experience on planet Earth in the old energy. Yes, you are looking for
major movements  and you have seen some of this happen. It has been predicted from many different channels and in various ways; this information has come
through and you are expecting it. Dear ones, it is that expectation that is causing this new evolutionary process to take place.  

Let us explain from a different perspective. Many of you have asked us what exactly is going to happen in the year 2012.  You humans, still to this day, have not
decided what day this cosmic event is going to take place. Some of you think it is going to be on the 21st, on the winter solstice. Some of you think December 31st
yet others of you think it is actually going to be on December 1st or December 11th and 12th. There are a lot of connections out there, and it really does not make
any difference to us because humanity as a whole will decide that next key part. When you decide and focus on a single point of when that is going to be, the
created energy from all humans will gather and focus on a single point.  Miracles do happen and this will be the biggest collective miracle thus far in the history of
humanity. Originally we would have told you that what would have happened in the year 2012 was that when you finally decided on the day, you would have these
wonderful parties and you would expect the ascension to take place during the parties. You would have big bonfires on the seashore, travel to the mountains, or
wherever you decided to celebrate you would welcome in the new energy as the sun rose that morning across the sky. You would have a wonderful time, and the
following day you would have climbed down the mountain or walked back from the ocean and gone back to work.  But now there is another dimensional level that is
starting to appear.

New Relationship to Time

There are still parts of you that will have to come back to this old energy, and yet other parts of you would have moved on very quickly to the new levels. The
overlaying of time will have a different effect on all of humanity, because time itself will begin to be measured differently at that point. That is starting to take place
even now. Over the next three years with this final quadrant of planet Earth as you knew it moves into this new realm. What happens is that you, the creators, are
starting to get excited at the possibilities. So, even the scenario we have previously laid out is beginning to change.

The little gods of Earth are taking their creative powers back, and this will be of the first of your collective creations. These next three years will be the key as to what
will happen when you come home from the party, and in what happens in the days that follow.

Fire the Hologram!

We have previously spoken of the hologram of Earth forming from your own thoughts. We have shared with you that you are god; therefore, when god has a thought
it is like a beam of light shooting into space. You have a thought from one god, you have a thought from another god. If several of those thoughts are similar in
vibration, then they meet in the same place. That is incredibly powerful, because matter is drawn to energy and forms around it creating that vibration in your world.
The hologram is a large ball of energy waiting to be fired. We have called this hologram the Third Earth. Once fired it forms a hologram which is a three-dimensional
representation of light. We are using the word “light” slightly differently than you do, but you understand what we are talking about. This is how Earth formed in the
first place. What will be taking place is now that you are moving, the energy of this third Earth--this hologram of light--will now come to Earth and help you over-
imprint the original hologram of Earth, thereby helping to shift and change it from that point. Does that mean that there will be nothing more to worry about? Does
that mean there will be no more negativity on planet Earth? That is what we ask you, because we have nothing to do with setting up this new Earth. This is entirely
your design much the same way as the old Earth was. Dream your greatest dreams, dear ones, for those dreams will make up the new Earth.  Then be prepared to
walk into a new life for that is surely ahead of you. This will not happen in a single day, but it will begin in a single day and that is the day you will soon choose. You
are shifting this beautiful planet right in front of our eyes. You are changing it even though you cannot see your own creative abilities, even though you are blocked
from seeing your own connection to each other and the other creators. But you are starting to work together in a harmonious vision of what humans want on this
planet and that will determine the starting point of the next millennium that is to follow. That is what was actually predicted in the Bible, even though it was slightly
twisted by many to mean something else. The direction of next millennium is determined in this final quadrant of 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Two Tools for the Shift

There are two important concepts that we will address one at a time. These will be incredible tools for you to use during this transitionary period. One we spoke of
before, calling it the 12th dimension. There are 11 different yous having 11 different experiences and one point of perception. That point of perception is your 12th
dimension. What you have been unaware of at this point is that it is very easy for humans to shift that point of perception. By consciously shifting your point of
perception, you can now receive multiple views of the same point that you have never been able to see before. This gives humans another vision—a whole other
level from which to perceive in order to truly see themselves. The challenge is that you are not accustomed to raising yourself to that next level, so the first tool we
give you is raising your level of perception. If at any point you run across what you call the brick wall--where you are going in a direction and you know your heart is
there but you just cannot seem to get any farther or you just seem to be blocked--the first thing to do is not judge it. Do not call it “good” or “bad,” because the
moment that you do that brings it into the lower vibrations. The moment you doubt yourself and say, “I must not be good enough,” or  “I must not be spiritual enough
to make this happen…” it lowers your vibration. In that instant you are in effect  doubting god and you negate the entire process at that point. So, the first thing we
ask you to do is not to judge yourself. We realize this is not always easy, but re-member how important it is and trust in yourself and in the process.

The second thing we would ask you to do is to take yourself into your own higher self, then look at the situation from that perspective and level of awareness. Look
at what you could have possibly gained from this experience, or what can be happening to make this better because of the restriction. Why did you put that
restriction there? Only by consciously choosing to view it  from a higher perspective is that even possible. This is not something humans have been trained to do,
and it is not something you are all accustomed to doing. It is fairly simple, but you can all help each other tremendously by taking a step back and instead of reacting
just take a breath. Move yourself to a higher perception and see the larger picture, even for just a moment. You will feel the difference. Even if you still do not have
all the answers or do not feel all the energy inside, stop for just a moment. When you continue talking, your words will come out differently. You will feel lighter, as will
those around you. Your channel will have changed, because your own perception now sees from a higher perspective than before.

The three years may appear like an airplane approaching for a landing.  Two years of turning to align with the runway and one year straight on approach and
landing. There is one other piece to consider as you enter this final quadrant. This quadrant of Earth will no longer support irresponsibility the way is has in the past.
Even the word “responsibility” will start to take on an entirely  new meaning for all of humanity.

The word “responsibility” has actually been a negative in your world, for the most part. Folks, when each one of you thinks about responsibility you do not get
excited. Instead what happens when the word responsibility is heard or thought, is that you tend to shrink. We tell you that responsibility is the balance to power. You
are creators already. Understanding how you can use those creative abilities and how you can do that on planet Earth in the physical body, in the situations and
dramas that sometimes surround you, will be key to your life existence as a soul on planet Earth.

We tell you also that responsibility will be changed in many different ways. Many of your organizations—whether they are business corporations, religions, clubs or
whatever brings people together—those are the areas that will now start helping to define what responsibility really is. For example, if you have a business and need
help, you look around, interview people and hire someone. You tell them what you will pay them per hour,  week, month, or year, because we believe this is what
your job is worth. In the future, what we are going to tell you is that even that will change. It will not be the job you do, but the responsibility within the company that
you take will determine the pay for that job. A conscious corporation is focused on more than money because any entity of any kind—whether it be a collective or a
single individual—will have to understand that it is now about working from the heart and not the head. Many of your corporations have been working for one thing
only, and that is for money. Money will always be a motivating factor. However, what will be understood is that by blending it with consciousness and love for your
customers, it will bring more business and money than ever thought possible. These are the perception changes that are going to start shifting everything. You are
going to find out that responsibility and the word “responsibility” have new meanings, which when you hear them may actually start to excite rather than shrink your
energy fields. You are going to find that all of humanity is working with a different area, so look in different parts of your own life. Look in your relationships, what you
do for a living, and your friendships. If you ever wish to have more power in an area, it is simply a case of taking more responsibility in that area. By doing so you are
able to make space for that to happen not only in your own life, but in the lives of the other gods that are all pretending to be human as well.

It is no longer that you are separate in any way. We tell you there are many out there teaching that there are good people who are going to ascend, and bad people
who are going to stay. We do not agree with that point of view, dear ones. This time either all of you go or no one goes, so it is now about helping everyone and
being conscious.  It is turning around, seeing the neighbor who is driving you crazy and finding a way to say hello to him warmly and genuinely. It means finding a
way to be responsible not only for who you are and what you do—but accepting responsibility for your own happiness. What about that, dear ones? No, that does
not always seem easy either, but re-member it is perception. Do not give your responsibility to someone else.  Your responsibility has to first be you.  Only then can
you turn around and share that with other people. You generally experience the opposite of that on planet Earth right now. So, if you will reverse that which is
currently in effect, --if when you hear the word responsibility your ears will perk up—then your energy field will start to move. You will see it and be able to use it from
a totally different perspective than you have before.

Powers of Creation

Why is it so important, and what is the power thing all about? Many of you have taken our words of power to extremes. First of all, you are creators—each and every
one of you have the abilities of god within you. Most of you do not know it, because you are wearing a veil that keeps you from re-membering your own true nature,
your own true abilities. But what is the need to create anyway? Why do you need to create? We tell you, you do not. But it is your nature and at any time or point you
block your creative expression in any way, you will block your own god-self. You will block your own energy, and many times this force of energy going out can be
reversed and the energy starts moving inward instead of outward. This exact scenario is what causes many of the energy allergies we have talked about and many
of the physical setbacks experienced.

You are pretending to be human in that structure. Yet you are the most magnificent creators and the most magnificent beings to be able to hold the thought in your
head for only seven seconds and have it manifest. No, it does not manifest in seven seconds, but it is created in seven seconds. If you hold that energy and
vibration, it will show up in your energy field and it will show up very quickly. We are telling you that the overlaying of time is going to start to have a new meaning for
you. We hope that you start to play with this and push the boundaries of things that have always had very clear boundaries—time is time. You have atomic clocks
that keep exact and perfect time, yet two years ago you had to sneak in an extra second just to make it work. The whole idea of time is changing, because the
rotation of the inner Earth is changing. This is not a mystical thing. It is simply that the core of the Earth is changing its rotation. It rotates at a different rate than the
surface of the Earth. This has also increased and created the illusion of time on planet Earth. As that spin rate starts to change, you will start to see behind the veil a
little bit more on this illusion of time and you will find new ways to use it. Play with it. Celebrate it, and above all celebrate your increments. Celebrate those times that
have special meaning.  Celebrate together.

Trigger Dates

There were 12 trigger dates this century that you have already begun to celebrate. They started with 01/01/01, 02/02/02, etc.  You are walking through this
incredible journey of ascension on planet Earth. It was not planned, dear ones. You are creating this path just before your foot hits the ground, and we are so very
honored to be here watching the greatest show we could ever be seeing. We have been with you from the beginning of your time on planet Earth, when Earth first
decided to become a game of free choice in the universe. We have watched all the times you have run across these brick walls. We have seen all the times you
have been so frustrated and felt so alone, sometimes even believing that you actually were alone.

Dear ones, that is not possible. The love we have for you will reach beyond any expectations or limits of time. If you will turn around and feel that love then share that
love with someone else or others, all illusions of time will start to disintegrate and you will be able to choose a new way of working on planet Earth with a new
overlaying of time. Enjoy this final quadrant. Enjoy this illusion of these last three years, for you are setting the tone for the new millennium to come, but you will not
count it in the same way.

Enjoy the ride. Treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another. Know that it is a beautiful game you are playing and play well together.

The group
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