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from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

Focusing on a Twin Flame Crystal helps you attract people whose spiritual evolvement is compatible with yours, kindred souls that will be a deeply
spiritual love relationship.  Your twin flame is your highest love relationship while on the planet.

Twin Flame Crystals functions as mirrors for how you appear on an inner level to the outside world.  Twin Flames clearly show you who you are and how
you feel about it at the moment.  Twin Flame Crystals are terrific tools for gaining and then maintaining psychic connection to your own twin flames who
show up with just the right words or ideas when you need them most.

  •  Symbolizes like attracting like.
  •  Attracts compatible spiritual companions
  •  An excellent communication stone, especially telepathic
  •  Attracts deeply spiritual high level love relationships
  •  Aids in accessing past and parallel life information and memories.
  •  Channels twin flame energy patterns
  •  Boosts your natural capacity to create compatible relationships
  •  Excellent tool for building psychic affinity with others
  •  Helps you see how you present you inner feelings to the outside world
  •  Assists you in becoming comfortable with unrecognized qualities of yourself through more active involvement with others