Tools of Transformation
Each of us is a co-creator in group dynamics and we are assigned with individual qualities that
we bring to the table.

Connecting and integrating your own speciality that you bring to the group dynamics is on the
co-creator level with great responsibility.

Some of the speciality areas of Group Dynamics are:

1.    Conceptual strength which can bring forth a practical tool for members (or humanity to use).

Enthusiasm and energy to grasp the flow that contains joy and abundance.

Practicality and willingness to serve; a sense of caring and sharing; a sense of purposeful, directed activity.

Networking and connecting - a generalists viewpoint that brings specialists together.

Transmitting - stepping down - spiritual or cosmic energies to be used on the physical.

Nurturing of oneself as well as of others, which allows an integrated state to merge.

   Integration - the ability to listen and make the response that helps others put it all together.

Leadership; the willingness to assume authority.

We all have certain degrees of resistance to group dynamics.    We accept the premise of the individuality without sometimes seeing
the group as the gateway to something greater.  Through your coming together, the presence of each member in the group results in
a group consensus about the value of the group.  Viewing this group dynamic and accepting it as an integrative balancing effect
makes it possible to use the group as a tool in the ascension process.  The changes made in a group dynamic make dramatic changes
in humanity's consciousness as a whole - as change in the microcosm equals change in the macrocosm.

One of the results of balancing the divine qualities of self, or in the group as a whole, is that by sharing in the balancing process - your
perception of how to use the divine qualities is also being balanced.

Remember that you are a co-creator with Source and everyone is Source energy.

You can bring some enlightenment energies into your group at work, at home, on a bus, or anywhere you are.

All it takes is Awareness.
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