How to work with
Mother Earth & Her Crystals
in the Las Vegas Desert
There is a seemingly complex energy system of crystals in the Las Vegas Desert.  I say complex because they have been placed there by ancient beings long ago -
akin to the Lemurian Seed Crystals that just showed up in 1999 in Brazil.  But different in that we activate and access these crystals from above the ground.  Those
of us who have felt the vibration and heard the call from the crystals are here now.

This is energetically tied to Shambhala (Shambala) and now is it time to come on-line with the sacred geometry grid patterns connecting us.  A little later I will give
you a mediation to merge and balance the energies between Las Vegas and Shambhala.  

Saying that we activate the crystals is a little misleading and funny too because it is the crystals that are activating us, calling us, communicating, pulsing, vibrating
with energy.

This is the time for the Las Vegas and Henderson area to experience its big shift.  Have you noticed some things in the news that seem disturbing about police
officers shooting what appear to be innocent people.  A little trigger happy.  I use them as an example about how stretched the polarity energies are.  If your job
consists of focusing in the lower vibration area you are going to need some extra help to stay balanced now.

As the poles shift in our universe of Las Vegas the energies are amplified.  The crystals vibrate and allow high octaves that before were unheard of in this area.  But
here is the thing, along with the high frequency magnification
all energies are amplified which means that the anger levels go up along with some people acting

Just know that all is in order and will balance and align as the original design was intended when conceived.


    Envision Shambhala just above Las Vegas as in a cloud hovering above.

    Notice the energies of Las Vegas coming into alignment with the energies
    of Shambhala.  

    You notice that Shambhala begins to vibrate in a shimmering radiance and you also notice that Las Vegas is reacting to the vibration.  Next you see it happen,
    the energies of Shambhala begin to merge with Las Vegas.  You watch as Las Vegas begins to accept in the higher frequencies and starts to shimmer and
    radiate a light of its own.

    You feel a calm, tranquil feeling come over yourself and Las Vegas.  A feeling of wholeness, serenity and unity.
    A feeling that all is right in the world.

    This is the image and feeling you will activate when you hear the name Las Vegas.  This is the true identity of Las Vegas "high desert meadow".  


Sit in a quiet space and take three slow deep breaths with slow deep exhales.

Call on all your angels, guides and masters to join you now in deep healing presence.

Surround yourself with a ball of golden white light.  Imagine radiant white light is coming down through your crown chakra at the top of your head.  This radiant white
light flows through all your
chakras down and out through the bottom of your feet and into Mother Earth all the way to her core center of crystalline energies.   Feel
your feet anchored like a tree trunk into the center core of Mother Earth.

Feel the connection with beloved Mother Earth, feel her nurturing, love and care.  See wants this conscious connection with you her children for you are all part of
the earth as well as celestial beings.  This is your journey together here on the earth plane.

Now you hear Mother Earth lovingly speak of working with you as you learn to use color and vibration to bring forth a shift in consciousness anywhere you are.

She teaches you new information about how energy shifts when you use
color rays and how vibration and frequencies of light change your cities, your home's
vibration, your office, your children's school, etc.

She teaches you about the
New Radiant Rainbow of Luminescent colors  that is now available on the Earth for you to use, Rays 13 to 24.  These Luminescent
colors have octaves, frequencies beyond what we have ever had available here on the earth plane before.  You are being shown by Mother Earth how to use these
new frequencies of light.  The Luminescent color rays 8-12 have been on the earth for about 10 years and now they include an addition 12 octaves making 24 Rays.

The radiant rainbow of crystal energies of Mother Earth connect from her core and begin to rise up through your feet through your root chakra at the base of the
spine, navel chakra, solar plexus and then your heart.  At your heart chakra Mother Earth's energies anchor and activate a special radiant rainbow of crystalline
energy at your heart chakra.  You begin to feel a swirling energy going clockwise at the Heart Chakra and you see luminescent colors of pinks, green, violets, blues,
golds and silvers shimmering in your heart.  Next you see them radiate out to the multiverse and to the Source then returning back to you.
You feel these energies now move up from your heart and into your throat chakra vibrating and swirling and anchoring in the same way
they did in your heart.  Now the energies move up from your throat chakra and into your third eye at center of your forehead swirling
clockwise and anchoring in the same as with the heart chakra connecting to the multiverse and Source and returning back to you.  

Next the Radiant Luminescent Rainbow colors move up from your third eye to your crown chakra at the top of your head swirling counter
clockwise and anchoring in and following the same movement as the heart chakra.

Finally, the Radiant Luminescent Rainbow colors move up through the crown chakra and up to connect with all that is the Source and the
multiverse.  You feel the radiant luminescent Rainbow of colors swirling clockwise in your body and energy field and you realize you now
have a
UNIFIED ENERGY FIELD which means that your chakras are now one field.  You operate in unity with your masculine feminine
polarities now fully merged into one.  You notice a golden strand of light mixed the vibrant radiant gold-silver coming down through the top
of your head and all the way through your body to the center of Mother Earth and returning back to you and out through the top of your
head in acknowledgement of your merging.

Thank you for your work in shifting the energies.

Valerie P.
DNA Alchemy
Actual Photos of Nebulas in taken in Space.  These are the
Luminescent colors coming in to Earth now.
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