Everything that exists has a unique vibrational signature, defined as a complex energy pattern composed of
frequencies both above and below the speed of light.

The subtle energy fields of humans can be brought back into resonant balance with specific frequencies of sound vibration and intention.

Intention (thought) is viewed as a frequency that can be used to heal by visualization and affirmation.

Sound can rapidly entrain brainwaves from scattered, busy thought patterns (beta) to deeply meditative one (theta/delta) that is conducive to healing
(i.e., shamanic drumming, toning or chanting).

Quantum physics has clearly revealed a powerful truth that everything in the universe is pure energy, vibrating and pulsing at various frequencies.

What we may perceive as being solid is actually energy moving, yet very slowly on the quantum level.

Vibrational Healing can be thought of as creating a state of relative balance and harmony where energy is flowing through our bodies without
resistance.  The resonance and quality of the voice conducts a vibrational sound that heals.

Jonathan Goldman has been leading the field in Vibrational Sound Transformation along with Tom Kenyon.

Crystal Quartz bowls are used to clear and balance the chakras.

Instruments such as the Didgeridoo produce sound that vibrates deeply into your tissues and bones.

Tuning Forks are another vibrational healing tool as are Tibetan Bowls great sound.

Toning can assist us to change the old energetic patterns that we have been holding onto throughout our life. Tones, are waves that move in and
through the body to release the structure of negative thought forms held in the cellular memory of our body.  Toning can be a tool to move energy by
changing the pitch and tone of a sound we create a vibration that allows free flowing movement of energy throughout our bodies.

If we are holding onto hundreds or thousands or millions of thoughts, a strong feeling or emotion can triggers old thought forms. Thoughts are stuck
pieces of energy that cannot move. Sound Vibration moves through the old thought forms allowing movement and release of stuck energy patterns.  
Ken Page website
I have personally used the sound healing of Tom Kenyon.  In my opinion Tom is one of best sound pioneers out there at
bringing in transformation energy.

I have participated in Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion's Workshops and they are very powerful.  You really do walk away
energetically transformed in some way.  I highly recommend their workshops.  Tom has also written two books that I
The Magdalen Manuscripts and The Hathor Material with co-author Virginia Essene.
The Hathor Material contains Messages from an Ascended Civilization and you can purchase it through by
clicking on the book.  The Hathor are an Ascended Civilization who teach us even today.  I have worked with the Hathors and
they are wonderful, powerful teachers with loving energy and highly advanced energy techniques.

What I see available in the world today by way of information on the newest most powerful vibrational energy healing, in my
opinion does not equal what the Hathor's readily share for transformation in The Hathor Material.  They work with me when I
do an Eye of Horus Activation
on a client.  

I high recommend Tom Kenyon's CDs
White Gold Alchemy which alters your state so much that I wouldn't get up and drive a
car afterwards.  Very transformational.
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